Reviews – Tutankhamun’s Trumpet

‘Beautifully written, sumptuously illustrated, constantly fascinating’ – David Aaronovitch, The Times (Book of the Week)

‘A revelatory history… I’ve read many books on ancient Egypt, but I’ve never felt closer to its people’ – The Sunday Times

‘this might well be the only book you will ever need to understand the realm of the pharaohs’ – The Tablet

‘The scope of the book is astonishing and illustrates Wilkinson’s consummate erudition and vast knowledge of all aspects of Egyptology … This is a work that will serve as a reference book for professional Egyptologists and amateur enthusiasts alike’ – Ancient Egypt

‘A well-written, beautifully produced piece of ancient history’ – Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

‘an informative and immersive study of the ancient world’ – Publishers Weekly

‘if you want to read only one book about ancient Egypt… well, in this instance, it’s true … Wilkinson writes beautifully, melodically’ – Shepherd Express